Program Registration

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 15.00% and product specific

Huge Earning Potential (Act Soon!)
New affiliates earn 15% (10% on select items) of each sale from the affiliate link straight to their PayPal account. The extreme buying frenzy that occurs during the holiday season makes this time of year the absolute best time to join our program. Most single-item purchases from our hot selling segway hoverboard, exotic leather good, and bounce house categories dish out over $50 per order.

Guaranteed Payment for Each Sale
With some programs, it is hard to trust if you are really getting the money you deserve. With our program, a third party company, Refersion, manages the affiliate program that allows you to track all orders & more.

Excellent Product Selection
A large variety and price points equals more potential sales.

Product category list:
Exclusive LED neon light signs
Personalized and engraved gifts
Exotic leather goods (crocodile, stingray & python)
Big & giant stuffed animals
Remote control RC products
High-tech segways
Dollhouse DIY kits
Dog Decor Pillows (Photo Prints)
Baby gifts
Inflatable bounce houses & water slides
Bamboo furniture & gifts
Unique round area rugs
Traditional neon signs

Start Earning Income in Seconds
Complete the full sign up in seconds. Currently, all applications are automatically approved.

The Way Up Gifts affiliate program is top tier in terms of potential income


Way Up Gift's Affiliate Program vs. Amazon's Affiliate Program


Amazon's affiliate links provide around a 4%-5% kickback on most items and has restrictions. Way Up Gifts offers a minimum of 10% and often 15% per sale to affiliates with no restrictions.

Thanks for exploring our program, and we hope you have decided to opt in and join a community of successful affiliates!


We have few policies, allowing affiliates to have great freedom. However, please consider:

When and how affiliates will be paid

Payments are made 35 days after orders (after order returns period)
$0 payment threshold (no minimum)
Payments via PayPal

Promotional methods

Our logo is allowed to be used for promotion
Links can be placed anywhere other than adult themed websites

Policy towards self-dealing

Purchases from relatives are allowed
Affiliate purchases using their own affiliate link is not allowed 

10% Earning Categories
Segway Hoverboards, Bounce Houses, Exotic Leather Goods

Product Exclusions
• None